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{when you're around} {when you're around}

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Keep working on it

The percussion needs some improvement. That crash doesn't quite work with the rest of it. Add more midrange to the kick so it punches through. The secret to a punchy kick/bass is midrange, not bass, and keep it monoural. Stereo effects on the bass end just make it sound more hollow.

Some of your transitions are a little rough. Try to keep them only at 32 or 64 beat intervals.

I like the hard intro and then the change to a chord progression. The chord progression is good because it ends with a question, leaving the listener to expect more. But don't keep the same progression through the rest of the song. Bring that intro bassline back in at some point to change things up. Find a hook to make this song stand above the rest.